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If you trade on the OTC, you most likely need MONEY!

Let's be honest, if you are publicly traded on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Market, you will be in the need of funding or financing at one point or another. There are products to develop, payroll, research, auditors, filings, accounting, marketing... you name it, everyone has a hand out if your daily journey to bettering your company, while securing shareholder value and best interests in mind.

This is a delicate "game" and as some CEO's have found out, sometimes that financing you received was like getting in bed with the devil. Every company wants to avoid the death spiral, that convertible debenture from hell, and overall toxic financing. 

Our goal is to find financial partners that want to see you grow, rather than crush you. We have access to a wide array of investor services such as:

  • accredited investors
  • angel investors
  • seed capital
  • accelerators
  • bridge loans
  • debt restructuring
  • private placements and more...

Contact Us today for a FREE CONSULTATION and let us try to find the capital you need.