03-18-2019 – BIXT – Bioxytran, Inc. Engages Resources Unlimited NW, LLC. for Strategic Investor Relations

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, March 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BIOXYTRAN, INC. (OTC: BIXT), a developmental stage biotechnology company, with a pipeline of anti-necrosis drugs designed to treat hypoxia by delivering a small molecule carrying oxygen to the brain of stroke victims, announced today that the Company has retained Resources Unlimited NW, LLC., a strategic investor relations agency, with a wealth of experience in biotech to manage the company’s investor relations program.

“We are excited to be partnering with Resources Unlimited (RU) in our investor relations effort”, said BIXT CEO, Dr. David Platt. “This group truly understands the sector we are in and the opportunities and challenges of bringing a potentially game changing development stage drug to market. We believe their insight will help us tell our story to the millions of patients that can benefit from our intellectual property.  We have seen their success on social media and their ability to attract key influencers to follow the story and believe they will be able to help us achieve our corporate goals.  If our drug works as we have theorized, not only could it save lives but also the quality of life by improving patient outcomes and potentially reducing the amount of restorative care needed after a stroke.”

Bioxytran’s objective is to develop and license our platform technology using a rapid, cost-effective, and validated development plan.  Our goal is to create a pipeline of safe new drugs using our first in class molecules to address unmet medical needs in disease indications resulting from hypoxia. At the moment, there are no drugs that can permeate blood clots in stroke victims, and deliver that lifesaving oxygen to the brain in a rapid fashion.  Quickly restoring the flow of oxygen to the brain during a stroke, is vital for a good prognosis and recovery.  Providing oxygenation to the brain delays the onset of cell death, giving doctors the critical time they need to treat stroke victims. Management believes that Bioxytran’s BXT-25 will be the first drug to successfully carry oxygen through blood clots.  BXT-25 was designed to support the oxygenation of the brain until the clot is dissolved or surgically removed.

RU Investor Relations Partner Michael Sheikh stated: “The delivery of oxygen to critical organs has been a challenge for decades. The recent death of 90’s icon Luke Perry, 52, celebrity actor from ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and more recently ‘Riverdale’, has brought heightened awareness for those suffering from strokes and the urgency for finding a solution for people stricken with this condition.  The key to battling as stroke is to restoring oxygenation to the brain as quickly as possible.  Dr. Platt has assembled an all-star team of directors with medical experience in drug development who understand the challenges of finding the right long term strategic investors.  This team has the experience and wherewithal to develop  Bioxytran’s intellectual property on a global scale. We are pleased to be working with such a talented team and hope to showcase their plan to bring much needed solutions to the medical community.”

About Bioxytran, Inc.

Bioxytran Inc. is a developmental stage biotechnology company. The company is working towards a first-in-class oxygen treatment platform for victims of brain stroke trauma. The first product to proceed to testing is BXT-25, which will be evaluated as a resuscitative agent to treat strokes, especially during the all-critical first hour following a stroke. The product will also be evaluated for its efficacy in treating other brain trauma issues. BXT-25 is based on a new molecule designed to reverse hypoxia in the brain.  Hypoxic brain injuries such as ischemic strokes, could be treated with BXT-25 via an intravenous injection that quickly allows the drug molecule to travel to the lungs and bind with the oxygen molecules. From the lungs the molecule mimics a red blood cell traveling to the brain. Since the molecule is 5000 times smaller than red blood cells it can penetrate the clot and deliver the oxygen to the critical areas in the brain blocked by the clot. To learn more, visit our website: http://www.Bioxytraninc.com

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