11-02-2018 – LHGI – Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc. Completes Acquisition of PROJAGG Platform in an All Stock Transaction Press Release |

NEVADA, November 2, 2018 — LIGHTHOUSE GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC. (OTC: LHGI), a diversified holdings company in the real estate development, property industry and disruptive technology for more efficient and effective performance leveraging on innovative solutions, announced today that the Company has completed the acquisition of PROJAGG Platform, a sharing economy cloud platform powered by Blockchain Smart Contracts technology for $5.85 million in restricted common stock at the price of $.045. In connection with this transaction 130,000,000 shares of restricted common stock were issued to 4 parties in exchange for 100% ownership of the PROJAGG Platform, together with its pipeline of projects worth $300 million.

Danny Lim of Lighthouse Global said, “the completion of the PROJAGG platform acquisition in a stock only transaction should signal to shareholders, the managements commitment to advance the business. By consummating this deal we were also able to deliver on our promise to generate $15 million in revenue over the next 5 years. Based on the uptick in business development efforts, it gives me great pleasure to announce our plan to start at least 6 projects within the next 12 months. Our initial responses from some developers have indicated that they saw great value in having us train them on our platform, creating a potential means for generating additional revenues for the company. We are excited to share more details on these secondary revenue opportunities in the coming weeks.

Now that the acquisition is completed, Lighthouse will set up a wholly owned subsidiary called Projagg LLC in the United States, and establishes its 1,200 sq ft Asia HQ Facility Training Center in Singapore, specifically to train Projagg Facilitators. This Intensive 3 months Training Course fee per participant is US$6,300 and we expect to enrol the first batch of 20 potential professionals by the end of the year to facilitate the multimillion dealmaking process.

Danny reiterated, this is a key milestone for LHGI as it demonstrates to project developers, land owners, and the funding community, our long-term viability as a company. The training center is a key piece of our go forward strategy as these Projagg Facilitators become an integral player to accelerate our growth. The trained Facilitators, equipped with effective communication skills, will be our eyes and ears in the development marketplace and become our defacto high powered Dealmakers to make deals happen. This training center initiative has 2 purposes as it will generate cash flow and ensure a continuous stream of lucrative projects to come onboard in 2019.

The first project kickoff will be the 157 acres development township located in Dickinson, North Dakota as we ride on its oil recovery economy. Estimated revenue over the life of the project is $7.15 mill in Projagg fees over the course of the next 5 years. Following that, we will also start working on the 2nd Project in Bali, which is a 4 Hectares Spa Resort villas and hotel. The 3rd project would be a high rise condominium in Malaysia, a prime Bay area in Iskandar, which is just a 30 minutes drive to Singapore. Together, these projects are expected to yield close to $8 million in Projagg fees over 7 years. We expect to start generating Projagg fees by Q1 of 2019.

About Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc.

Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holdings company that acquires 100% or a majority of the emerging companies in key industries where rapid revenue growth and market share penetration are poised for significant gains. Our main focus is to acquire, invest and partner with companies that have competent management teams with provable experience in their industry and have developed products or services that have a unique edge in their marketplace. Our evaluation matrix and consultant screening process help us filter hundreds of opportunities to effectively pick companies that can grow and evolve into high performing growth entities. In short, we hope to be one of the largest Unicorn Breeders in time to come. For more information on Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc., visit www.LHGIncorp.com.


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